introversion/extroversion 4/28/14 2:54AM

This is a concept I’m fairly new to.

I’ve always understood the dynamics of both types of people but never really gave it much thought to how they interact in their everyday lives until recently. 

Labels make my life amazing, I live for titles and labeling things but when it comes to someones personality I don’t think it’s effective or smart to label someone, because then they limit themselves to the textbook of that definition and unconsciously choose not to expand upon it.

If someone is introverted how do they ever survive? I want to kill myself every time I’m isolated for even a minimal amount of time. 

If the extrovert sucks up all their energy from human interaction and companionship (most likely with the introvert) how are healthy relationships formed?

this topic frustrates me, I can feel my skin crawling, I just can’t fucking grasp my head around the concept that someone would actually prefer to be alone than to be around…me. 

maybe that’s my issue, It’s not actually with introversion itself but with my introvert friends, I think their intentional reclusivity isn’t that of they need to be alone to maintain living, I take it personal and believe it has to do with the need to rid away of me. 

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Attraction 4/28/2014 2:45AM

Isn’t it quite miraculous how attraction works? everyone assumes they have a decent idea of what their sexual ideal is but in reality, we can’t fully control who we’re attracted to. I’ve met the most beautiful people in my life with decent personalities and have not been that into them for no particular reason. I think people along with myself often confuse obsession for attraction. I haven’t fully analyzed this concept yet but I find it to be true for the most part. I guess the’re people who I am physically attracted to, yet I’ll meet someone not so attractive with a semi shitty personality and be completely and utterly obsessed with them, with every thing about them. I try to stop but that obsession increases dramatically. 

It’s a lot like substances, a person might try tons of different drugs, MDMA, opiates, barbiturates, cocaine, amphetamines, which are all highly addicting drugs but don’t get addicted with all of them. A person might prefer heroin to coke but still get obsessed with coke cravings, coke may burn their nose and only feel good for a short amount of them, yet they become unintentionally addicted. 

I need to learn how to turn my obsessions over to the care of my higher power. 

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Beginning 4/28/2014 2:32AM

I’m not really sure what I’m doing back on tumblr, I absolutely despise this website after some terrible affairs occurred. Perhaps some of my former comrades I’ve befriended might recognize me by my URL. 

I find I’m constantly ranting/complaining to my fellows about issues I face in every day life. These issues used to be much more consistent- no.. persistent? I’m not sure, either way they were reoccurring and I found no solitude by merely venting. 

A kind girl I knew suggested that I blog about it since I wanted no help for my problems, just simply wished to talk about them, I scoffed. But here I am now, a full year later. My cloudy, mind boggling ideas and issues have tremendously diminished throughout self reflection and therapy, but more recently I find that these thoughts are exhuming from my brain. 

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